A Love Language Called CID

Team FC

In the words of ACP Pradyuman

The sovereign in B.P. Singh’s CID is ACP Pradyuman, played by Shivaji Satam, a former inspection officer. Over the two-decade-long run, ACP settled into some iconic catchphrases like, “Kuch toh gadbad hai (There’s something wrong here).”

For every closed door, there is a Daya 

Senior Inspector Daya (Dayanand Shetty) is to CID what Hulk is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ACP’s right-hand man, with his upper body strength, solves the problem of locked doors with muscular panache. In episode after episode, Daya breaks down doors in a manner that physics can’t explain (but destructive therapy can. Look it up).

Taste test with Dr Salunkhe 

Of all the ways to identify a substance, tasting would seem like the most obvious option as well as the most potentially hazardous one. Being basic doesn’t deter CID.