9 Viral Songs That Shattered the Internet

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Džanum - Teya Dora

Popularly known as Moye Moye, this Serbian song especially became viral post India's loss in the Cricket World Cup finals as fans made reels on this song as an expression of the sadness they experienced.

Jamal Kudu - Animal

An Iranian cultural song that became popular after it featured in Bobby Deol's introduction in Animal. Several reels had people emulating Deol's style of holding a glass of whiskey while dancing in the film.

Obsessed - Riar Saab

Vicky Kaushal should singlehandedly take the credit for making this Punjabi song viral, even the original singer agrees with it. The way he vibed to this song made girls go gaga over him.

Khalasi - Coke Studio

Probably the first Gujarati song to go viral after Falguni Pathak's songs, this Coke Studio number was all over the internet and can be counted as India's counterpart to another viral Coke Studio number from Pakistan, Pasoori.

Chaleya - Jawan

Anirudh's Chaleya had even cricketer Virat Kohli humming and grooving on the field. Such was the vibe of this dance number from SRK's blockbuster Jawan, which had different versions of it made and featured in numerous edits and reels.

She Don't Know - Millind Gaba

This 2019 song became popular this year after a man posted a reel dancing to the lines "Dil Vich Tere Liye..." from the song, soon after which people started posting similar reels.

Heeriye - Jasleen Royal

Featuring Dulquer Salmaan in its video, the song became popular with 243 million views currently on YouTube, making it one of the most viral songs of 2023.

Cheques - Shubh

Shubh became one of the most viral stars of 2023, with several of his songs going viral like Cheques, One Love, Still Rollin, achieving a similar success like AP Dhillon enjoyed last year.

Badal Barsa Bijuli

This Nepali song was put on the map by a reel of two girls dancing to the song in a particular choreography, which was then followed with several reels featuring people dancing to the same choreography.

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