800 Movie Review: A Sincere Biopic That Needed Better Craft

Harshini S V

When 800 Begins

It starts with the Srilanka of 1945, almost three decades before Muralitharan was born. It was when bonded labourers from Tamil Nadu were sent to Sri Lanka.

MS Sripathy’s Intention

His Intention to begin the story with the origin of his community and not his birth is a commendable choice because his biopic delves deep into his identity and the constant need to prove it.

Identity As A Conflict

At one point, Muralitharan claims that it is not about whether he is a Sri Lankan or Tamilan but that he is a cricketer. To which, his father replies “If we could decide our own identities, there would be no issues here.”

Information Overpowers Intimacy

The film explores his inner struggles throughout its runtime but always keeps the questioners as outsiders. For example, when he gives an autograph to a Tamil guy from Sri Lanka, the man sarcastically asks if he ever speaks Tamil. 

Features Glimpses Of Beauty

That said, there are also a few brilliant filmmaking touches. When Muralitharan gets selected to join the National squad for the first time, we are not told through any major announcements or an amplified background score.

Madhur Mittal Proves To Be a Wonderful Casting Choice

Not just in the way he brings Muralitharan in front of your eyes and makes you feel his inner struggles, but how he shows the transformation of Muralitharan over the years.