8 Movies About The Importance Of Education

Team FC

12th Fail (2023) 

This biographical drama film directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra is based on the story of Manoj Kumar Sharma, who overcame extreme poverty to become an Indian Police Service officer. The film depicts his academic journey and his determination towards the competitive exam. 

Nil Battey Sannata (2015) 

This is a comedy drama film directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. This is the story of the lengths to which a single mother goes, to ensure that her daughter has an education and a future that is different to her own. 

Dead Poets Society (1989) 

This is a coming-of-age drama film directed by Peter Weir. Set during the 1950s in an elite boarding school, this film tells the story of an English teacher who inspires his students to find the deeper meaning of life through teaching poetry. 

Dusvi (2022) 

Directed by Tushar Jalota, this film is the story of Ganga Ram Chaudhary, a corrupt and uneducated politician. Once he goes to jail, he discovers the value of education and decides to earn his 10th-grade diploma.

Super 30 (2019) 

This is a  biographical drama film based on the life of an educator, Anand Kumar. Directed by Vikas Bahl, this film is about a mathematician from Patna who works through difficulties to run a programme for IIT aspirants in Patna. 

Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

This is a drama film directed by Mike Newell. It is the story of Katherine Watson, an art history teacher at Wellesley College for Women. She encourages her conservative students to question and disregard the outdated societal norms for women.

Vaagai Sooda Vaa (2011) 

This is a period drama film directed by A. Sarkunam. The story is of Veluthambi, an aspiring government servant, who starts teaching poor children in a village. When he gets to know that they are taken as bonded labourers, he decides to bring about a change in the system. 

Pistulya (2009) 

This is a drama short film by Nagraj Manjule. The film is based on the life of an 8 year old boy and his single struggling mother, from the backward Wadar community. The boy struggles to educate himself without much support from anybody.