7 WWE Wrestlers Who Became Movie Stars

Team FC

Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson- Fast and the Furious Series

His character Agent Luke Hobbs made his debut in the fifth installment of the series and immediately became the main force of opposition for Dom and his gang.

Dave Batista - Guardians of the Galaxy

Batista plays Drax, a character initially consumed with vengeance but later turns around to join forces with the Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Racoon to save humanity.

Andre the Giant- The Princess Bride

He played a gentle giant Fezzik who helps the protagonists fall in love and reunite despite the hurdles they face.

Roddy Piper - They Live

Roddy plays Nada a person who is given magical sunglasses through which he can see the hidden reality that the world is run by aliens.

“Stone Cold “Steve Austen- The Condemned

Steve Austen shines in this film about a group of convicts who are forced to fight each other in an illegal game to survive.

Ronda Rousey- The Expendables 3

In a room full of men wielding guns, Ronda Rousey plays Luna, a bouncer who joins forces with The Expendables and takes on major terrorists with her bare hands.

John Cena- 12 Rounds

You can actually “see” him performing out-of-the-world stunts in this 2009 action flick to save his girlfriend who is kidnapped by an arms dealer from his past.

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