7 Women Characters We Loved From South Cinema

Team FC

Sakthi, Chithha (Tamil)

Nimisha Sajayan shines as Sakthi, a resilient sanitation worker in SU Arun Kumar's thriller, challenging traditional gender roles and confronting Eeswaran about toxic masculinity with a powerful mix of vulnerability and strength.

Lekha, Month of Madhu (Telugu)

Swathi Reddy delivers a nuanced performance as Lekha in Srikanth Nagothi's romantic drama, portraying the evolution from a naive lover to a quietly assertive woman, challenging taboos and embracing solitude with grace.

Maha, Good Night (Tamil)

Raichal Rabecca impresses as Maha, navigating the challenges of pregnancy and societal expectations in Vinayak Chandrasekaran's romcom, defying stereotypes and asserting her identity beyond motherhood.

Omana, Kaathal - The Core (Malayalam)

Jyotika's nuanced portrayal of Omana in Jeo Baby's family drama showcases a woman grappling with a failing marriage, pushing for honesty about her husband's sexuality, and finally, embracing her own path to happiness.

Priya, Sapta Saagaradaache Ello - Side A and B (Kannada)

Rukmini Vasanth captivates as Priya in Hemanth M Rao's two-part love story, portraying the bittersweet journey of a passionate singer, adding depth to ordinary lives with her longing eyes and tender smiles.

Nandini, Ponniyin Selvan - 2 (Tamil)

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's compelling performance as Nandini in Mani Ratnam's historical fiction lends empathy to the character, portraying a complex, tragic figure denied love and surrounded by envy, challenging conventional female antagonist roles.

Laila, Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum (Malayalam)

Viji Venkatesh impresses as Laila, the driving force in Akhil Sathyan's feel-good drama, defying stereotypes of elderly female characters with her empathetic yet manipulative nature, providing a refreshing portrayal of an older woman with depth.