7 Women-Centric Films That Define Empowerment

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English Vinglish (2012)

Sridevi's Shashi has spent all her life catering to the needs of others. A trip to the US changes that, and the sheltered but workaholic woman finds more stimulating ways in which to stay engaged with the world, finally carving an identity of her own.

Queen (2013)

When Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is dumped by her fiancé days before their wedding, she embarks on their planned honeymoon by herself and in doing so, discovers a world and a sense of liberation she could never have imagined.

2 States (2014)

In the Abhishek Varman romcom, Alia Bhatt plays the headstrong Ananya, a woman who doesn't allow her parents to dictate her choice of partner nor her partner to lie in order to marry her. She makes no bones about her love of independence, no matter how much others try to stifle it.

NH10 (2015)

Anushka Sharma's Meera acquires a weapon for self-defence early on in the film, wanting to ensure her safety at all times. When she and her husband Arjun run afoul of a group of hooligans, she responds fittingly, taking them on with all her might and every weapon at her disposal.

Raazi (2018)

Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) is not a spy by choice but when a situation demands her going undercover, she does so. Once embedded, though, she finds herself continually confronted by choices she must make carefully, but she does so, even at the loss of her own individuality, going on to prove that anyone with their wits about them and the right training can be an undercover operative.

Little Women (2019)

In Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the famous novel, Saoirse Ronan played Jo March, who chooses the stories she wants to write, the men she wants to fall in love with, and the ones she will chase after as they leave, but all at her own pace. No nudges, please.

Fair Play (2023)

Phoebe Dynevor plays Emily, an ambitious Wall Street player with a happy relationship that her partner sabotages when she gets a promotion he wanted. After multiple attempts at brokering peace, she gives up, but not before she teaches him a lesson for life, thus reasserting control over her life.

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