7 Watch Alone Web Series on Amazon Prime & Netflix

Team FC

Russian Doll (2019) - Netflix 

This series tells the story of Nadia, a woman who gets stuck in a time loop on her 36th birthday party. Set in New York, she lives that night and dies at the end of it repeatedly.  The loop always starts at the same moment in the party as she tries to figure out how to save herself. 

Ozark (2017) - Netflix 

This series follows the story of Marty Bryde and his family. They move to a remote place in Missouri but end up getting involved in the local criminal circle. The show explores themes of moral corruption and family. 

DARK (2017) - Netflix 

After the disappearance of two children, this mystery-drama introduces an intricate web filled with twists in the story. This German town has a troubled history, relating to the people that live there and other supernatural elements that tie back to 1986.

Fleabag (2016) - Prime Video

This comedy drama series is about a woman in London, who is confused, frustrated, traumatised and extremely funny. The show explores a turbulent period of her life, where she often breaks the fourth wall to let the audience in on her experiences. 

Mr. Bean (1990) - Prime Video

This sitcom is the perfect throwback for anybody up for a comfort watch. The show revolves around the unusual Mr.Bean, who has his own funny ways to go about life and creates trouble for everyone around him.

Normal People (2020) - Prime Video 

This romance drama is based on the 2018 novel of the same name, written by Sally Rooney. The series is a coming-of-age story of Marieanne and Conell, who go through a lot of newness while navigating their personal relationship. 

Easy (2016) - Netflix

This is a comedy-drama anthology series, explores diverse characters from Chicago. They navigate modern romance, monogamy, the role of technology in romance and overall dating culture.