7 Visually Stunning Films And TV Shows Of Indian Cinema

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Lootera (2013) - Prime Video

In 1953, Pakhi, the daughter of an aristocrat, finds herself captivated by an archaeologist. Yet, little does she know, his hidden dual identity poses a grave threat to their romance.

Jubilee (2023) - Prime Video

An enthralling narrative, rich with poetic charm, unfolds around a diverse cast of characters and the risks they dare to embrace in the pursuit of their aspirations, desires, and affections.

Haider (2014) - Netflix

Haider, a young man, returns to Jammu and Kashmir amidst a turbulent insurgency. His quest for resolution regarding his father's vanishing is overshadowed by the intricate web of state politics.

Qala (2022) - Netflix

Tormented by her history, a gifted vocalist on the brink of stardom grapples with the weight of achievement, a mother's disapproval, and the inner echoes of uncertainty.

Trial By Fire (2023) - Netflix

The arduous but unwavering quest for justice spans two decades for Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamoorthy, devoted parents on a relentless journey.

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (2015) - Prime Video

Fresh out of college, Byomkesh accepts the task of probing into the disappearance of Bhuvan, a chemist. With the help of Bhuvan's son Ajit, Byomkesh connects the dots, uncovering a broader conspiracy poised to shake the foundations of Calcutta.

Barfi! (2012) - Netflix

Barfi shares a unique connection with Jhilmil, a girl living with autism. However, when his former love reenters his life, it leads to misunderstandings between Barfi and Jhilmil.

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