7 Vijayakanth Films That Left an Indian Cinema Legacy

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Dharam Chakra (1997)

Vijayakanth plays a pivotal role in this crime drama, offering a gripping portrayal as the film explores the complexities of justice and morality.

Alai Osai (1984)

In this action-packed drama, Vijayakanth showcases his versatility, delivering a powerful performance that adds depth to the narrative set against a political backdrop.

Senthoora Poove (1988)

Vijayakanth takes on a romantic lead in this film, displaying a different facet of his acting prowess amidst a love story entangled with family dynamics.

Amudha Gaanam (1985)

This musical drama features Vijayakanth in a nuanced role, contributing to the film's emotional depth as it explores themes of love, sacrifice, and societal norms.

Annai En Deivam (1986)

Vijayakanth delivers a memorable performance in this family drama, portraying a character embroiled in emotional conflicts, highlighting his ability to engage the audience.

Nooravathu Naal (1984)

Vijayakanth's involvement in this mystery-thriller adds intensity to the plot, creating suspense as the narrative unfolds with a series of unexpected events.

Thennavan (2003)

Vijayakanth takes on the role of a politician in this film, showcasing his versatility as an actor while contributing to the exploration of political intricacies and societal issues.

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