7 Unforgettable Roles Played by Prakash Raj

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Kanchivaram (2008) - Vengadam

In this National Award-winning performance, Prakash Raj masterfully embodies the struggles and aspirations of a silk weaver in pre-independence India, showcasing his prowess in portraying complex, nuanced characters.

Iruvar (1997) - Anandan

Prakash Raj delivers a riveting performance as Anandan, a cunning politician modeled after M.G. Ramachandran, in this Mani Ratnam masterpiece, demonstrating his ability to bring depth and authenticity to historical roles.

Singham (2011) - Jaikant Shikre

As the menacing and corrupt politician Jaikant Shikre, Prakash Raj leaves a lasting impression with his portrayal of a formidable antagonist, adding layers of intensity and menace to the character.

Pokiri (2006) - Ali Bhai

Prakash Raj captivates audiences with his portrayal of Ali Bhai, a ruthless gangster with a complex moral code, showcasing his ability to command the screen with his presence and charisma

Bommarillu (2006) - Prakash Raj

In this heartwarming family drama, Prakash Raj delivers a heartfelt performance as a caring yet overbearing father, navigating the delicate balance between love and control with depth and sensitivity.

Antahpuram (1998) - Basava Punnaiah

Prakash Raj shines as Basava Punnaiah, a ruthless landlord embroiled in caste politics, in this intense drama that delves into the complexities of power and identity.

Anniyan (2005) - Prabhakar

Prakash Raj delivers a memorable performance as Prabhakar, a no-nonsense police officer, in this psychological thriller, showcasing his versatility and range as an actor in a supporting role.

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