7 Unforgettable Movies of Amrish Puri

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Mr. India (1987) - ZEE5

In the movie Mr. India, Anil Kapoor becomes an invisible superhero to defend his family and fight the megalomaniac Mogambo, played by the iconic Amrish Puri. This Bollywood gem blends humor, action, and social commentary with Sridevi's captivating dance magic.

Karan Arjun (1995) - ZEE5

Reincarnated brothers, Karan and Arjun, return to avenge their deaths and reunite with their beloveds. This action-packed Bollywood masala features Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and stunning visuals. While the plot is fantastical and the acting melodramatic, the music and iconic dialogues make it a nostalgic, entertaining watch for fans of the genre.

Nayak: The Real Hero (2001) - YouTube

Nobody man becomes PM for a day! Kapoor fights corruption, facing off against Amrish Puri's scheming leader. Social commentary meets action, but dated visuals hold it back. Cult classic for its unique premise and Kapoor's charm.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) - Prime Video

Carefree Raj woos Simran in Europe, but her stern Father (Amrish Puri) wants a traditional arranged marriage. Their clashing cultures ignite sparks in this classic romance. Expect Bollywood magic: Shah Rukh & Kajol's chemistry, catchy tunes, and dazzling landscapes.

Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001) - ZEE5

A truck driver's love for a Pakistani woman defies borders amidst the Partition's violence. Sunny Deol embodies fiery heroism, clashing with Amrish Puri's powerful patriarch in a fight for family and justice.

Nagina (1986) - Prime Video

Sridevi captivates as a cobra seeking revenge as a human, clashing with Amrish Puri's menacing sage. While story flaws exist, vibrant music and dance, particularly Sridevi's mesmerizing moves, make it a Bollywood gem.

Damini (1993) - YouTube

After witnessing a rape in her home, Damini courageously advocates for justice, overcoming hurdles until a disgraced lawyer joins her quest to hold the perpetrators accountable.

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