7 Unforgettable Classic Films of Dharmendra

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Sholay (1975) - Prime Video

Dharmendra immortalizes the character of Veeru in "Sholay," a lovable and witty small-town hero whose camaraderie with Jai (played by Amitabh Bachchan) forms the heart of this iconic Bollywood action-adventure.

Dost (1974) - Prime Video

Dharmendra takes on the role of Shankar in "Dost," portraying a complex character torn between loyalty and justice, navigating the challenges of friendship and sacrifice with depth and intensity.

Chupke Chupke (1975) - MX Player

Dharmendra shines as the charismatic Professor Parimal Tripathi, who hilariously disguises himself as a driver to play pranks on his in-laws. His impeccable comedic timing and effortless charm make this classic comedy a timeless delight.

Ali Baba Aur 40 Chor (1980) - Netflix

In this adventure fantasy film, Dharmendra takes on the iconic role of Ali Baba, skillfully navigating the treacherous world of thieves and treasure. His portrayal adds a heroic and charismatic touch to this Arabian Nights-inspired tale.

Apne (2007) - Prime Video

Dharmendra plays Baldev Singh in "Apne," a heartfelt portrayal of a former boxer who seeks redemption by training his sons in the sport, encapsulating the themes of family, resilience, and the spirit of comeback.

Satyakam (1969) - YouTube

Dharmendra delivers a compelling performance as Satyapriya, a man of unwavering principles, showcasing a poignant journey through integrity and societal challenges in this introspective drama.

Guddi (1971) - Prime Video

Dharmendra plays a charismatic film star in "Guddi," portraying himself with charm and humor as he navigates the amusing fan adoration, adding a touch of real-life allure to the film.

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