7 Underrated Robert Downey Jr. Movies

Team FC

Tropic Thunder (2008) - Prime Video

In this action-comedy directed by Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. portrays Kirk Lazarus, an Australian method actor who undergoes an extensive skin pigmentation procedure to portray an African-American soldier in a Vietnam War film.

Charlie Bartlett (2007) - N/A

Directed by Jon Poll, Robert Downey Jr. takes on the role of Nathan Gardner, the principal of a high school who becomes increasingly frustrated with the antics of the new student in the school named Charlie, played by Anton Yelchin.

Dolittle (2020) - JioCinema

Directed by Stephen Gaghan, Robert Downey Jr. stars as the titular character, Dr. John Dolittle, a reclusive veterinarian with the ability to communicate with animals. Downey's portrayal of Dolittle combines whimsy, adventure, and heart.

Due Date (2010) - N/A

In this comedy directed by Todd Phillips, Robert Downey Jr. portrays Peter Highman, a high-strung architect who finds himself on a cross-country road trip with an eccentric aspiring actor, played by Zach Galifianakis.

The Soloist (2009) - JioCinema

Directed by Joe Wright, Robert Downey Jr. takes on the role of Steve Lopez, a journalist who discovers Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless man with extraordinary musical talent, played by Jamie Foxx.

Chances Are (1989) - N/A

Directed by Emile Ardolino, Robert Downey Jr. plays the character Alex Finch, the reincarnated spirit of a deceased man who is mysteriously reborn as the son of his own widow, played by Cybill Shepherd. The film explores themes of love, destiny, and the bonds that transcend lifetimes.

The Judge (2014) - JioCinema

Directed by David Dobkin, Robert Downey Jr. stars as Hank Palmer, a successful defense attorney who returns to his hometown after his father, a respected judge, is accused of murder.