7 Unbelievable Filming Locations in Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet'

Vashist Thakwani


The capital of Ukraine, where the opening scene of the opera siege takes place. We see the opera from the outside so that we can easily spot the mildly overcast and greyish sky. The dull-coloured clouds dominate, removing any trace of sunlight. 

Coast of Denmark

Where we see those huge windmills stationed in the sea. Most of the locations featured in the film are characterised by a cold, at times dull and largely desolate environments, it subconsciously sets up a certain mood in the minds of the viewer. 

Mumbai, India

Where the protagonist meets Priya, the arms dealer, for the first time. The image doesn't really match the perception of Mumbai, in general. As the camera glides through the skyline, we see a dull grey, overcast sky, similar to the opening scene in Kiev. No bright sunlight. No warm tones.

Amalfi, Italy

Where the protagonist meets Sator for the first time. The scenes in Amalfi do not share the same aesthetic but they only account for a miniscule portion of the 150-minute duration.

Oslo, Norway

Where the plane crash scene takes place. There is something otherworldly about Tenet. With every passing scene, the world becomes more and more unrecognisable. the cold and desolate ambience is highly reminiscent of a quiet and empty post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Talinn, Estonia

Where the highway heist sequence takes place. The film deals with a mission to stop the world from annihilation, clearly brings a sense of impending doom at the forefront, which is very much reflected in the locations it uses.


Located in Siberia, where the majority of the final act is set. Looking at the city's empty, dilapidated residential buildings and eroded structures, one gets reminded of the wasteland that our world could potentially turn into if our protagonist(s) fail(s) to accomplish their mission.