7 Telugu Films to Stream on Aha

Team FC


A youthful entertainer that is filled with comedy and romance. The film is praised for its entertaining scenes and the performances of the cast.

DJ Tillu

A comedy film that doesn’t strictly follow logic but provides an enjoyable ride. The film is appreciated for its humor, the performances of the cast, and the music.


A horror film that explores the world of occult powers and spirits. Despite its interesting premise, the film received mixed reviews for its execution.

Sundaram Master

The film has a few laughs but is majorly aimless. It is neither funny nor thrilling and the coming-of-age drama looks half-baked.


A contemporary romantic drama that explores the emotional and physical journeys of its protagonists. However, the film’s thin plot and lack of strong emotional depth present significant obstacles.

My Dear Donga

A film that tries to address the issues in modern-day relationships in a light-hearted manner. Despite a few endearing moments, it lacks depth in its storyline and fails to develop its characters adequately.

Mix Up

A film that addresses a contemporary subject but lacks depth in its storyline. Despite the efforts of actors, the screenplay doesn’t offer them strong material to showcase their talents.

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