7 Tamil Films With Great Endings

Team FC

Vikram Vedha (2017) - MX Player

Its ending, marked by a brilliant twist that challenges perceptions of good and evil, is widely acclaimed for its complexity and storytelling mastery.

Mynaa (2010) - Disney+ Hotstar

Known for its emotionally resonant finale, it leaves a lasting impact with its bittersweet conclusion that showcases the power of love and sacrifice.

Kalloori (2007) - Disney+ Hotstar

The film's ending, which deals with the consequences of choices made by the characters, is praised for its realism and poignant reflection on life's uncertainties.

Thuppakki (2012) - JioCinema

Its gripping climax, featuring a thrilling showdown between the protagonist and antagonist, is celebrated for its intensity and satisfying resolution.

Kakka Muttai (2015) - Disney+ Hotstar

The film's heartwarming ending, highlighting the innocence of childhood and the resilience of the human spirit, resonates deeply with audiences, making it a standout in Tamil cinema.

Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum (2016) - JioCinema

Known for its unconventional and unpredictable ending, it subverts traditional romantic tropes, offering a refreshing take on love and relationships.

Panchathanthiram (2002) - ZEE5

Renowned for its hilarious and well-executed climax, it delivers a perfect blend of comedy and emotion, solidifying its status as a classic in Tamil cinema.