7 Super-hit Movies on Women Playing Sports

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Bend It Like Beckham (2002) - Apple TV+

A girl being forced to choose between her family and her ambition is hardly a novel idea, but when the family is British-Punjabi and the girl's ambition is to be a footballer, the setup feels new.

Mary Kom (2014) - Netflix

In a crisp two hours, the film tells us how the belligerent daughter of a rice farmer in Manipur became a five-time world champion. It's a story of grit, passion and, as Mary's coach says, "hamesha whole surrender to boxing".

Irudhi Suttru (2016) - Amazon Prime Video

While this tightly-cut Tamil film does involve narratives of romance, as with a typical entertainer, it strikes a balance and steers to its focus — boxing, thus making this a winning sports drama.

Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019) - Amazon Prime Video

This fitness-focused dramedy is an inspiring journey of a party-loving woman who goes from guzzling drinks she wouldn't remember about the next day to preparing for the New York City Marathon.

Skater Girl (2021)

The film has clear-eyed intentions: through broad-strokes storytelling it tells you to follow your passion and break free of the shackles of patriarchy, through the medium of skateboarding.

Ghoomer (2023) - Zee5

The most striking part of Ghoomer is the staging of Anina’s accident. She’s a rising cricket star and then in one night, her dream is shattered. Anina's journey from right-handed bowling to left-hand bowling is a tragic miracle.

Nyad (2023) - Netflix

Yes, this is about sports (swimming), but no, it’s not full of the usual cliches that characterise the genre. Diana Nyad has had one life-long dream: to traverse the open waters from Cuba to Florida as a swimmer. This is a true story that will move you.

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