7 So Bad It's Good Movies

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Mommie Dearest (1981)

An extremely controversial camp classic is about the tumultuous relationship between Joan Crawford and Christina Crawford from Christina's perspective. The excess and melodrama in moments of emotional devastation creates a certain kind of humor and pleasure.

Green Snake (1993)

Tsui Hark and Maggie Cheung's Kung fu film about two sister snakes who take human form is visually mesmerizing and equally as whack. It also has the weirdest Indian homoerotic classical dance performance.

The Valley of Dolls (1967)

Based on the 1966 novel of the same name, this film follows three women and their journey into the show business. While it is a great film in terms of technique it feels hollow, and the acting and the set pieces have elevated it to a camp classic.

Main Prem ki Deewani Hoon (2003)

This over-the-top film is famously know for its terrible performances and silly mistaken identity story. It is, however, a fun film to watch for those particular reasons.

Disco Dancer (1982)

This classic Bollywood film has a ridiculous plot and worse special effects. It is a film doused in the disco fever. The protagonist doesn't just walk but dance walks across the street, someone taking a bullet on the stage at a disco competition, etc.

Love Exposure (2008)

Love Exposure is an extremely stylistic film that is almost four hours long. It follows Yu (an upskirt photographer) who while dressed as a woman on a dare meets and falls in love with Yoko who starts thinking that she is a lesbian. The film has daddy issues, genital mutilation, Christianity, crime fighting, etc. The director, Sion Sono, designed it to be "bad" because he was sick of the image of Japan painted by elitist Japanese cinema.

The Room (2003)

This controversial cult classic made by Tommy Wiseau has had multiple screenings over the years since its release, where fans gather and throw spoons at the screen. The terrible acting and dialogues have become a part of popular culture.

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