7 Shows & Movies Available On Netflix Right Now

Team FC

House Of Ninja (2024) 

Created by Dave Boyle, this is a drama series about a dysfunctional Shinobi family. Years after retiring from their ninja lives, they must return on a mission to fight the looming threats on their home.

Mea Culpa (2024) 

This is a legal thriller film written and directed by Tyler Perry. The film is about a criminal defence attorney, who takes on the case of an artist accused of murdering his girlfriend.

American Symphony (2023) 

This is a biographical documentary film, written, shot, and edited by Matthew Heineman. It explores a year in the life of musician Jon Batiste, his music career, and his wife's struggle with Leukemia.

Habaddi (2019) 

This is a drama film directed by Nachiket Samant. The story follows a young boy, as he takes up an opportunity to meet the girl he likes when the village's kabaddi team plans to travel to Mumbai. However, his speech impediment drags down his plans.

Griselda (2024) 

This is a biographical crime drama miniseries directed by Andrés Baiz. The story is about Griselda Blanco, a Colombian businesswoman who created one of the most successful drug cartels. 

Bhakshak (2024) 

This drama film directed by Pulkit, is based on the Muzaffarpur shelter case. The plot follows a struggling journalist who begins an investigation into harrowing cases of abuse being covered up at a shelter for young girls.

Mad (2023) 

This is a comedy drama film written and directed by Kalyan Shankar. The film follows a group of friends who at an engineering college. They try to navigate the years growing up with balancing academics, love and friendships. 

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