7 Sai Pallavi Best Performances

Team FC

Kali (2016)

In "Kali," Sai Pallavi delivers a compelling performance, adding depth to her character in this emotionally charged thriller.

Fidaa (2017)

Sai Pallavi shines in "Fidaa," exhibiting her versatility and natural charm, making the romantic drama a memorable watch.

Middle Class Abbayi (2017)

Pallavi's portrayal in "Middle Class Abbayi" showcases her ability to bring authenticity and emotional resonance to her characters.

Maari 2 (2018)

In the action-comedy "Maari 2," Sai Pallavi impresses with her dynamic screen presence, complementing the film's energetic narrative.

Gargi (2022)

Sai Pallavi delivers a powerful performance in "Gargi," showcasing her acting prowess in this recent addition to her repertoire.

Love Story (2021)

Pallavi's role in "Love Story" is a testament to her ability to convey deep emotions, contributing to the film's heartfelt narrative.

Shyam Singha Roy (2021)

In "Shyam Singha Roy," Sai Pallavi captivates with her nuanced portrayal, adding layers to the character and elevating the overall storytelling.