7 Sad Movies for a Good Cry

Team FC

Devdas (1955)

Bimal Roy's 'Devdas' is a gut-wrenching adaptation of the famous novel about star crossed lovers. Dilip Kumar expertly captures the longing and loneliness of the lovelorn hero.

Streetwise (1984)

Photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark and Martin Bell made this phenomenal documentary following the lives of kids living on the streets of Seattle. Their desire for freedom and love makes them run away from broken families in paint-chipped houses.

Happy Together (1997)

Two combustible lonely men that keep colliding into each other again and again, unable to stay together or just let go. In one scene, they dance together, alone in the kitchen, holding each other as tightly as they can, knowing that it won't last.

Millennium Mambo (2001)

Music playing so loud that you can't hear your thoughts, loving someone who can never love you the way you want to be loved, a sense of being lost and confused.

Masaan (2015)

'Yeh dukh sala khatam nahi hota hai be'

Loss is a devastating thing to bear. Deepak and Rani both encounter loss in their lives, sudden and without warning. The film follows how this loss shapes their lives.

Close (2022)

A film about friendship, love, and unbearable grief. A coming-of-age story set in the sun landscape of rural Belgium, where Leo has to come to terms with what has happened, he is filled with anger, guilt, and confusion. The film has beautiful close-up that capture the minuscule emotions and allow us to delve deeper into the psyche of the children.

A Fantastic Woman (2017)

The story of Marina, who after the death of her boyfriend, has to deal with the tribulations that come with being a transgender woman. The frustration of not being seen, hear, or respected can be felt through the film.