7 Romantic Movies to Fall in Love With

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Chalti Ka Naam Gadi (1958)

A classic Bollywood romantic comedy, complete with a ridiculous premise, a caricature-ish villain and amazing chemistry between the leads. Kishore Kumar and Madhubala have love shining in their eyes and perfect comic timing.

The Lunchbox (2013)

A quiet film about two lonely people finding companionship in the bustling city through the improbable mistake of the Mumbai dabbawalla's mis-delivering a lunchbox. The film strips romance to it bones, to just words on a paper, a space of comfort.

Moonstruck (1987)

A dramatic sensual funny film with insane chemistry between the lead couple. Loretta (Cher) and Ronny (Nicholas Cage) begin a mad intoxicating affair after Johnny, her fiancé and his brother, leaves the country. The affair leads to a re-evaluation of her life and unravels some family secrets.

Rye Lane (2023)

A story about two people who lean on each other over the span of the day to deal with their past lovers. While it has a typical romantic comedy narrative, the style of the visual language used breathes fresh air into the formulaic genre while preserving the sense of comfort.

The Scent of Green Papaya (1993)

Not a word is spoken between the two, a love sprouting only from glances. There is an absolute economy of language in this film.

Tropical Malady (2004)

A loosely connected story events moving between the real world and the world of Thai Folktales. A story of love between two men, a solider and a country man.

Atlantics (2019)

"You are just looking at the sea, you aren't even looking at me."

Souleiman gets lost in sea after he attempts to escape from Dakar, Ada is left behind afraid of her impending marriage hope for a miracle. The film is hauntingly beautiful with images of silver shining sea, dark skin reflecting shades of neon, bellowing white curtains.

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