7 Roles Played by Nicola Coughlan

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Claire Devlin - Derry Girls (2018-2022)

In the Lisa McGee scripted comedy series, Coughlan played the intelligent one of the group of teenagers who is more often than not the one who panics when her friends think up some scheme.

Hannah Dalton - Harlots (2018)

For one season of the run of this British period drama, Coughlan played Hannah Dalton.

Penelope Featherington - Bridgerton (2020 - to present)

For two seasons, Coughlan was a supporting actor on the Regency-era romance show but for its third, she assumes the mantle of a lead as the love story of Penelope Featherington, youngest-born daughter in a nouveau riche family and the pen behind Lady Whistledown, takes flight.

Diplomat Barbie - Barbie (2023)

Coughlan had a cameo as one of the many Barbies in the Greta Gerwig film, playing the vaunted Diplomat Barbie.

Queen Victoria - Dodger (2023)

In a one-off Christmas special, Coughlan played Queen Victoria whose coronation attracts some unwanted attention.

Humble Joan - Seize Them (2024)

Coughlan starred as the rebel leader Humble Joan in this comedy film set in Britain of the Dark Ages.

Maggie - Big Mood (2024)

In the television show, Coughlan played one of the leads trying to make a decade-long friendship work through the many travails of adulthood.

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