7 Popular Hits of Emraan Hashmi on Spotify

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Humari Adhuri Kahani (Title Track)

Emraan Hashmi's emotive presence intertwines seamlessly with Arijit Singh's soulful rendition, as composer Jeet Gannguli crafts a melancholic melody that echoes the bittersweet essence of unrequited love.

Hasi (Male Version) - Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015)

Emraan Hashmi's introspective portrayal finds resonance in Ami Mishra's heartfelt vocals, backed by Mithoon's poignant composition, encapsulating the essence of longing and resilience in the face of heartbreak.

Zara Sa - Jannat (2008)

Emraan Hashmi's charisma shines through KK's melodious vocals, complemented by Pritam's evocative composition, capturing the innocence and allure of first love in the backdrop of turbulent circumstances.

Phir Mohabbat - Murder 2 (2011)

Emraan Hashmi's enigmatic persona merges effortlessly with Arijit Singh's haunting rendition, set to the haunting melody by composer Mithoon, delving into the depths of passion and obsession with haunting allure.

Itni Si Baat Hai - Azhar (2016)

Emraan Hashmi's romantic aura resonates with Arijit Singh's velvety vocals, crafted by composer Pritam, encapsulating the tender nuances of love and longing in the midst of personal and professional turmoil.

Pee Loon - Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai (2010)

Emraan Hashmi's magnetic presence is amplified by Mohit Chauhan's soul-stirring rendition, underpinned by Pritam's mesmerizing melody, evoking a sense of passion and longing amidst the backdrop of Mumbai's underworld.

Beetein Lamhe - The Train (2007)

Emraan Hashmi's introspective persona finds resonance in KK's soulful vocals, set to the poignant composition by Mithoon, capturing the nostalgia and longing embedded within fleeting moments of love and loss.

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