7 Popular Documentaries Available on ZEE5

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Elizabeth Windsor (2022)

This documentary tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, who was never supposed to be queen but destiny had other plans. It provides an intimate look at her life through her family relationships.

The True Story of Madonna (2022)

This film explores the journey of Madonna, her early desire to seduce and shock, her family, her bound to religion, spirituality, motherhood, sexuality, and her relationship to men.

JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass (2021)

Directed by Oliver Stone, this documentary revisits the assassination of John F. Kennedy and presents newly declassified evidence about the case.

The Saviour For Sale (2021)

This documentary follows the story of the world’s most expensive painting, the Salvator Mundi, and explores the controversies surrounding its attribution to Leonardo da Vinci.

The Kingmaker (2019)

This film features the political career of Imelda Marcos with a focus on the Marcos family’s efforts to rehabilitate their image and return to political power.

The Dissident (2020)

This documentary follows the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi Arabia’s effort to control international dissent.

Armed with Faith (2019)

This documentary follows the men of a bomb disposal unit in Pakistan who, despite being ill-equipped for their high-risk jobs, are armed with an unshakeable faith

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