7 OTT Shows/Films to Watch This Weekend

Team FC

A Private Affair - Prime Video

Marina Quiroga is the sister of the chief of police with ambitions to be an investigator herself. She suddenly finds herself entangled with a deranged serial killer and attempts to catch him while staying one step ahead of the police.

Death and Other Details - Disney+ Hotstar

A super fun murder mystery. In a Christie-esque fashion, it is set on a yacht with very rich people and anyone can be the murderer. The show does not take itself too seriously and has fun with the tropes of the detective and the protégé.

A Shop For Killers - Disney+Hotstar

Jeong Ji-an is thrust into the world of contract killers, cleaners, spies, arms dealing, psychopaths, etc. after her uncle dies. The show follows Ji-an through the day of her uncle's funeral when suddenly armies of men want to kill her. There are some beautiful and creative action sequences which cannot be missed.

Onmyoji- Netflix

A beautiful tale of love, friendship and sacrifice of two very different men who become create an unbreakable bond through the process of solving mysteries together. The show provides us access to the world of Japanese mythology. There are demons who sprout poetry, play the flute, and demons created out of jealousy and many more.

Mai- Netflix

A revenge thriller grounded in the truth of the reality of life. It has a brilliant performance by Sakshi Tanvar who plays the aggrieved mother of a girl who was killed. The grief and the range in her eyes shines though in every scene.

Daughters of Destiny - Netflix

A heart wrenching docuseries that showcases the journey of five girls who were denied education due to their caste. As debilitating as it is to watch it has notes of hope and joy.

Network - Prime

One of Sidney Lumet's finest films that comments on the state of democracy and the media economy. Howard Beale is an anchorman who is forced to retire due to his age by the network and he threatens to kill himself on live television