7 Of Rajkummar Rao's Most Underrated Performances

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Shahid (2012) - Prime Video Rent

Rajkummar Rao embodied the fearless spirit of Shahid, a lawyer fighting for justice amidst adversity, delivering a performance that resonated with emotional depth and sincerity.

Trapped (2015) - ZEE5

Rao's portrayal of a man stranded in an apartment captured the desperation and survival instinct with haunting authenticity, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with minimal dialogue and maximum impact.

Newton (2017) - N/A

Rao masterfully portrayed the titular character's unwavering dedication to conducting fair elections in a challenging environment, infusing the role with a perfect blend of earnestness and idealism that anchored the film's powerful narrative.

Judgemental Hai Kya (2019) - ZEE5

Rao's portrayal of a mysterious and enigmatic character added layers of intrigue to the storyline, highlighting his versatility and ability to leave a lasting impression even in a supporting role.

Omerta (2017) - Prime Video

Rao delivered a chilling performance as the real-life terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, immersing himself in the complexities of the character's psyche with a haunting intensity that left audiences in awe.

Bose: Dead or Alive (2017) - JioCinema

Rao brought to life the enigmatic freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose with a captivating portrayal that captured the essence of his revolutionary spirit and determination.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015) - N/A

Rao portrayed a young man entangled in a complex love story with depth and sensitivity, infusing the character with a poignant blend of longing and vulnerability that added emotional depth to the film.

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