7 New Thrillers Available on Netflix

Team FC

Murder Mubarak (2024)

A non-traditional police officer delves into the complex world of high-society suspects during a murder investigation, uncovering more than what appears on the surface.

Killer Soup (2024)

In this black comedy, a series of unfortunate events entangle an influential family in a soup of crime, deceit, and a desperate quest for Shakespearean resolution.

Merry Christmas (2024)

On Christmas Eve, a woman’s mundane life intertwines with a man’s troubled past, leading to a series of revelations that unravel their complex realities.

Anweshippin Kandethum (2024)

A seasoned police officer grapples with a high-profile murder case, navigating through layers of mystery in a quest for justice

Damsel (2024)

A princess sacrifices her future for her people’s prosperity, only to face betrayal and darkness, embarking on a quest for vengeance and self-discovery.

3 Body Problem (2024)

Across time and space, a group of friends confronts groundbreaking scientific discoveries that challenge the very fabric of reality and pose an existential threat.

Homicide: New York (2024)

A true crime docuseries that delves into the most challenging homicide cases of New York City, as told by the detectives and prosecutors who solved them.