7 Netflix Movies You Shouldn't Watch With Your Parents

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The Package (2018)

Unless you want to explain the intricacies of male anatomy to your parents over dinner, it's best to skip this raucous comedy about a group of friends on a disastrous camping trip where a certain, er, appendage goes missing.

Bulbbul (2020)

This atmospheric horror film is packed with spine-tingling moments and dark themes that you would prefer to watch by yourself. Watching it with your parents might lead to awkwardness so choose wisely.

Father of The Year (2018)

Watching this film with your parents might lead to uncomfortable comparisons and existential crises as you witness two dads engaged in a hilariously disastrous battle to prove who's the worst parent. Save yourself the therapy bills and watch it alone.

Chamkila (2024)

This Bollywood Musical is filled with steamy songs and intense drama that'll make you laugh but you can get caught then you can say "awkward family movie night." Avoid the eye contact and save your parents from the blushes.

Naked (2017)

Picture this: waking up naked in an elevator, reliving the same humiliating hour over and over again. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Watching this comedy with your parents might feel like a similar loop of embarrassment and regret.

Thai Massage (2022)

Trust us, the title is misleading. This film is not a relaxing spa day montage but rather a raunchy comedy filled with risqué humor and adult content that'll have you praying for selective amnesia if you accidentally watch it with your parents.

Hard Feelings (2023)

This dark comedy about dysfunctional relationships and twisted desires is not exactly family-friendly material. Unless you want to spend the entire movie trying to explain why you're laughing at all the wrong moments, it's best to keep this one for solo viewing.

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