7 Must Watch Shows & Movies of Jitendra Kumar

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Panchayat (2020) - Prime Video

In a sleepy village of rural India, a young man reluctantly takes up the job of a secretary in the local Panchayat office, navigating through the quirks of village life, bureaucratic red tape, and eccentric characters, leading to unexpected lessons in community, friendship, and self-discovery.

Chaman Bahaar (2020) - Netflix

Set in a small town in India, the film follows the journey of a young paan shop owner who finds himself unwittingly embroiled in a comedic rivalry for the affections of a beautiful girl, leading to humorous and heartfelt revelations about love, desire, and societal norms.

Kota Factory (2019) - Netflix

Amidst the pressure-cooker environment of Kota, India's coaching capital for competitive exams, a group of students grapple with academic stress, personal ambitions, and societal expectations, as they navigate through the ups and downs of adolescence, friendship, and dreams of success.

Pitchers (2015) - ZEE5

When four ambitious friends decide to quit their mundane jobs and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by launching a start-up, they must confront numerous challenges, setbacks, and dilemmas in the cutthroat world of Indian business, testing the bonds of friendship and the limits of their aspirations.

Jaadugar (2022) - Netflix

In this quirky comedy, a young man discovers he possesses an extraordinary talent for magic and decides to pursue his passion despite the skepticism of his family and the challenges of the real world, leading to a whimsical journey of self-discovery, illusion, and unexpected revelations.

Gone Kesh (2019) - Prime Video

When a young girl is diagnosed with alopecia, she must navigate through the emotional and social challenges of losing her hair while pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional dancer, in a poignant and uplifting tale of resilience, acceptance, and the pursuit of inner beauty.

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (2020) - Prime Video

In a groundbreaking Bollywood comedy, a young couple faces societal opposition and family drama as they strive to normalize their same-sex relationship, challenging traditional norms and prejudices with humor, heart, and a message of love and acceptance for all.

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