7 Must-Watch Movies of Amrita Arora

Team FC

Kitne Door Kitne Paas (2002) - Prime Video

Amrita plays Tanya, a bubbly and spirited young woman, adds charm and humor to the romantic storyline as she navigates the ups and downs of love and friendship.

Kambakkht Ishq (2009) - Prime Video

Amrita Arora plays Kamini, a glamorous and confident Hollywood actress, brings sass and style to the screen, adding flair to the comedic chaos in this action-packed romantic comedy.

Golmaal Returns (2008) - YouTube

Amrita arora plays Esha, a feisty and assertive character, contributes to the hilarious confusion and misunderstandings in this slapstick comedy sequel, showcasing Amrita Arora's comedic timing.

Awaara Paagal Deewana (2002) - JioCinema

Amrita Arora plays Tina, a seductive and cunning femme fatale, adds intrigue and spice to the ensemble cast, playing a pivotal role in the film's comedic twists and turns.

Deha (2007) - YouTube

Amrita plays Shalini, a supportive and loving wife, portrays depth and vulnerability in this dramatic thriller, showcasing Amrita Arora's versatility as an actress in a gripping narrative.

Hello (2008) - Prime Video

Amrita Arora plays Sheetal, a charming and vivacious character, contributes to the romantic storyline with her infectious energy and warmth, adding depth to the ensemble cast in this adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's novel.

Shart (2004) - N/A

Amrita Arora plays Jhanvi, a confident and ambitious woman, adds spice to the storyline with her competitive spirit and determination, bringing intensity to the drama in this suspenseful thriller.