7 Must-Watch Movies by Tanishaa Mukerji

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Code Name Abdul (2021)

Tanishaa Mukerji delivers a compelling performance in this espionage thriller, adding depth to her character with a blend of intrigue and determination.

Anna (2016)

In "Anna," Mukerji showcases her versatility as an actor, portraying a pivotal role with conviction and emotional resonance in this biographical drama.

Sarkar Raj (2008)

Mukerji shines alongside an ensemble cast in "Sarkar Raj," bringing a mix of poise and intensity to her character, contributing to the film's gripping narrative.

One Two Three (2008)

Mukerji adds a touch of humor and charm to the ensemble comedy "One Two Three," delivering laughs with her comedic timing and infectious energy.

Tango Charlie (2005)

In "Tango Charlie," Mukerji delivers a poignant performance, capturing the emotional complexity of her character amidst the backdrop of war and conflict.

Sarkar (2005)

Mukerji impresses in "Sarkar" with her portrayal of a strong-willed and determined woman, holding her own alongside veteran actors in this gripping political drama.

Neal 'n' Nikki (2005)

Mukerji showcases her effervescent charm and charisma in "Neal 'n' Nikki," bringing a spark to her character and adding zest to the romantic comedy with her lively presence.

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