7 Must-Watch Malayalam Web Series

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Masterpeace (2023) 

This is a comedy drama television series written by Praveen S and directed by Sreejith N. This series tells the story of an unconventional family and their ways of holding onto each other. 

Menaka (2019) 

This series is directed by Praveen K. The plot follows Ajayan, a failed writer who turns up at a television show and irrationally announces that he is going to commit the perfect 7 murders in 7 days.

Perilloor Premier League (2024) 

This is a political comedy drama series directed by Praveen Chandran. This web series introduces the world of Perilloor and a young woman, Malvika, who unexpectedly joins the village leadership. 

Kerala Crime Files (2023)

This is a crime drama series directed by Ahammed Khabeer. The season follows a team of policemen from the Ernakulam North police station, who are chasing down a murderer on the run. 

Thera Paramini (2018) 

This is a web series created by Nikhil Prasad, the story revolves around the lives of four young men and their struggles to become successful. The four roommates figure out life and stumble along the way with each other. 

Average Ambili (2021) 

This is a mini web series directed by Adithyan Chandrashekar. The series follows a young woman who is average in all aspects and explores family dynamics, relationships, human emotions, parenting, and more.

Poacher (2024) 

This is a crime drama television miniseries created by Richie Mehta. The series follows a man who stumbles into a Forest Department outpost, confessing to the murder of elephants. His plea sets off a gripping crime story, uncovering the devastating effects of illegal poaching activities.

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