7 Must-watch Korean Crime Thrillers

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Oldboy (2003) - Prime Video

A dark and twisted tale of revenge and redemption, where a man seeks vengeance against his captor after being inexplicably imprisoned for 15 years, culminating in a shocking and unforgettable climax.

Mother (2009) - N/A

A riveting psychological thriller centered around a devoted mother's desperate quest to prove her son's innocence after he's accused of murder, navigating through layers of deception and betrayal in a relentless pursuit of justice.

Chaser (2008) - N/A

A gritty and suspenseful crime drama following a former detective turned pimp who races against time to find his missing prostitutes before a serial killer does, delving into the depths of Seoul's underbelly.

Cure (1997) - N/A

A chilling psychological thriller where a detective investigates a series of bizarre murders linked by a mysterious symbol, delving into the mind of a disturbed killer who manipulates his victims into committing heinous acts.

Silenced (2011) - Netflix

Based on true events, this harrowing drama exposes the shocking truth behind a series of sexual assaults at a school for hearing-impaired children, as a brave teacher fights for justice against a corrupt system.

Badland Hunter (2016) - Netflix

In a lawless frontier town, a skilled bounty hunter pursues a ruthless outlaw, leading to a high-stakes showdown filled with betrayal, violence, and unexpected alliances.

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