7 Must-Watch High-Octane Parkour Action Films

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District B13 (2004) - N/A

Directed by Pierre Morel and written by Luc Besson, this French action film is set in a dystopian future where a police officer and a vigilante criminal team up to infiltrate a dangerous ghetto controlled by gangs. The film showcases intense parkour sequences throughout.

Brick Mansions (2014) - Prime Video

A remake of District B13, this American action film stars Paul Walker and David Belle. Set in a crime-ridden Detroit, an undercover cop and an ex-convict team up to bring down a crime lord who controls a dangerous neighborhood.

Freerunner (2011) - N/A

Directed by Lawrence Silverstein, this action film follows a group of freerunners who are forced to participate in a deadly game where they must race across the city and overcome obstacles while being chased by armed pursuers.

Tracers (2015) - N/A

Starring Taylor Lautner, this action thriller follows a New York City bike messenger who becomes entangled with a group of parkour practitioners involved in criminal activities. The film features exhilarating parkour chase scenes and high-flying stunts.

Yamakasi (2001) - N/A

Directed by Ariel Zeitoun and Julien Seri, this French action film follows a group of parkour practitioners known as the Yamakasi who use their skills to perform daring heists in order to finance a surgery for a young boy. The film showcases impressive parkour stunts and action-packed sequences.

Run (2013) - N/A

Directed by Simone Bartesaghi, this action thriller follows a former parkour practitioner who is forced back into the world of underground fighting and crime to save his sister from a dangerous mobster. The film features intense parkour chase scenes and martial arts action.

Overdrive (2017) - N/A

Directed by Antonio Negret, this action thriller follows two brothers who are expert car thieves and get caught up in a dangerous heist in the south of France. While the film primarily focuses on car chases and heists, it also includes some impressive parkour sequences.

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