7 Must-Watch Detective K-Dramas

Team FC

Healer (2014) - Viki

In this K-drama, the titular hero Healer is a mysterious night-time hacker with exceptional detective skills. When he crosses paths with Min-young, a tenacious journalist on the trail of a corruption scandal, they uncover a web of conspiracy that puts them both in danger.

Hello Monster (2015) - Viki

A genius detective consultant grapples with his own dark past in this K-drama that involves psychological mind games, chilling deductions, and the gradual unearthing of dark secrets as they delve into the criminal's twisted psyche.

The Girl Who Sees Scents (2015) - Viki

This K-drama that was adapted from a webtoon follows Cho-rim, a young woman with the ability to "see" smells who teams up with detective Moo-gak, a jaded investigator with a troubled past, to solve a series of unsolved cases.

Signal (2016) - N/A

In this K-drama with supernatural elements, a mysterious walkie-talkie connects a cold case detective in 2015 with a passionate profiler from the past in 1989.

Suspicious Partner (2017) - Viki

In this unconventional K-drama, Noh Ji-wook, a talented prosecutor, teams up with Eun Bong-hee, a passionate but unconventional prosecutor trainee, to solve a baffling case and prove her innocence in the murder conspiracy.

Flower of Evil (2020) - Viki

In this gripping K-drama, a detective begins to suspect her husband is not who he says he is as she investigates a series of murders and their seemingly idyllic life cracks.

Beyond Evil (2021) - Viki

This award-winning atmospheric K-drama, inspired from Memories of Murder (2003), follows two police detectives with contrasting personalities and methods who come together to solve a brutal serial murder case that echoes old unsolved murders.