7 Much-Awaited Amazon Original Movies

Team FC

Ae Watan, Mere Watan (Hindi)

This historical drama presents an engaging narrative, yet it falls short of reaching its full potential for thrill. It sheds light on a lesser-known tale from India’s struggle for independence.

Be Happy (Hindi)

This film showcases the extraordinary lengths a father will go to fulfill his daughter’s dreams and find true happiness. It’s a heartwarming journey of a single father and his talented daughter who aspires to perform on the country’s biggest dance reality show.

Cheekati Lo (Telugu)

Directed by Chandra Pemmaraju, this investigation-crime thriller centers on the journey of a young, determined woman who intends to unravel the truth behind the crimes of a serial rapist.

Chhorii 2 (Hindi)

The sequel to the horror film “Chhorii”, details about the plot and cast are yet to be released.

Subedaar (Hindi)

This adrenaline-fueled action drama features Subedaar Arjun Singh, portrayed by Anil Kapoor, grappling with civilian life, navigating a strained relationship with his daughter, and societal dysfunction.

Supermen of Malegaon (Hindi)

This real-life documentary entertains and educates while narrating a unique story of wannabe filmmakers, writers, and actors in small-town Malegaon who wish to make it big someday.

The Mehta Boys (Hindi)

Directed by Boman Irani, this film is the story of a father and a son, at odds with each other, who find themselves compelled to spend 48 hours together.