7 Movies That Really Didn't Age Well

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Tere Naam (2003) - JioCinema

This film didn't age well because of its portrayal of masculinity. It kind of romanticized the whole obsession thing, which is not cool. Plus, the hairstyle of the main character, played by Salman Khan, became a meme for all the wrong reasons.

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) - Prime Video Rent

We love Audrey Hepburn, but the portrayal of the Asian character, Mr. Yunioshi, by Mickey Rooney is just straight-up offensive. It's like they didn't even care about racial sensitivity back then.

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Raja Hindustani (1996) - JioCinema

This movie had some major cringe moments. The whole 'rich guy falls for poor girl' trope feels outdated and kinda unrealistic. Plus, the way the female lead, played by Karisma Kapoor, is treated by the male lead, Aamir Khan, he would be canceled but Animal was a success.

Never Been Kissed (1999) - Disney+ Hotstar

This movie has some serious cringe moments, especially with the whole teacher-student romance thing. Plus, the way they handle high school dynamics feels way too cheesy and unrealistic.

Vivaah (2006) - ZEE5

This one is like the epitome of traditional Indian values, but it feels too outdated now. The whole arranged marriage thing and the way the female lead, played by Amrita Rao, is portrayed as this perfect, sacrificing woman is just not relatable anymore.

Crash (2004) - Prime Video

This one won Best Picture, but looking back, it feels like they tried way too hard to tackle racism. The characters are all stereotypes, and the whole 'everyone's connected' storyline feels forced and unrealistic. We need more nuanced portrayals of race in movies nowadays.

2012 (2009) - ZEE5

It's like they tried to make this epic disaster movie, but the CGI just didn't hold up. Plus, the storyline is so over-the-top and unrealistic. We're all about realistic disaster movies now, like "The Day After Tomorrow."

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