7 Movies Every Maths Lover Should Watch

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Shakuntala Devi (2020) - Prime Video

This biographical drama follows the extraordinary life of Shakuntala Devi, a mathematical prodigy known as the "Human Computer," who gained fame for her exceptional ability to perform complex mental calculations with lightning speed.

Super 30 (2019) - Disney+ Hotstar

Inspired by true events, this film tells the story of Anand Kumar, a mathematician and educator from Bihar, India, who coaches underprivileged students for the highly competitive Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance exam.

The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015) - N/A

Based on the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, this biographical drama chronicles the journey of the self-taught Indian mathematician who made groundbreaking contributions to number theory and mathematical analysis, despite facing discrimination and adversity during his lifetime.

A Beautiful Mind (2001) - Prime Video

Based on the life of mathematician John Nash, this movie explores his groundbreaking work in game theory and his struggles with mental illness. It portrays the brilliance of mathematical reasoning and the challenges faced by those who pursue academic excellence.

The Imitation Game (2014) - Prime Video

This biographical drama tells the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician who played a crucial role in breaking Nazi Germany's Enigma code during World War II. The film highlights Turing's mathematical genius and his contributions to modern computing.

Hidden Figures (2016) - Disney+ Hotstar

This film celebrates the achievements of three African-American women mathematicians—Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson—who played pivotal roles at NASA during the Space Race. It showcases the importance of mathematical expertise in advancing scientific discovery.

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Pi (1998) - N/A

A psychological thriller centered around a mathematician obsessed with finding patterns in nature and the stock market using mathematical algorithms. The film explores themes of obsession, spirituality, and the mysteries of mathematics.