7 Most-Viewed Vijay Thalapathy Songs On YouTube

Team FC

7. Eena Meena Teeka - Theri (149 Million Views)

With 149 million views on YouTube, "Eena Meena Teeka" from "Theri" captures the essence of joy and celebration, featuring Vijay in a vibrant and lively performance.

6. Verithanam - Bigil (150 Million Views)

"Verithanam" from "Bigil" showcases Vijay's energetic dance moves, contributing to its impressive 150 million views on YouTube and solidifying its status as a fan-favorite Thalapathy song.

5. Selfie Pulla - Kaththi (152 Million Views)

Vijay's charisma shines in the catchy "Selfie Pulla" from "Kaththi," amassing 152 million views on YouTube, reflecting the song's widespread popularity among fans.

4. En Jeevan - Theri (154 Million Views)

The soulful melody of "En Jeevan" from "Theri" strikes a chord, amassing 154 million views on YouTube, as Vijay's emotional portrayal adds depth to this heartwarming song.

3. Aalaporan Thamizhan - Mersal (177 Million Views)

Celebrating Tamil pride, "Aalaporan Thamizhan" from "Mersal" resonates with the audience, accumulating 177 million views, with its powerful lyrics and Vijay's compelling performance.

2. Vaathi Coming - Mersal (478 Million Views)

The energetic beats of "Vaathi Coming" from "Mersal" coupled with Vijay's charismatic presence contribute to its popularity, garnering 478 million views and a strong fan following on YouTube.

1. Arabic Kuthu - Beast (552 Million Views)

Vijay's high-energy performance in "Arabic Kuthu" from "Beast" captivates audiences, making it the most-viewed Thalapathy song on YouTube with an impressive 552 million views.