7 Most-Viewed Songs of Badshah on YouTube

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Genda Phool - 985 Million Views

Baadshah's collaboration with Payal Dev infuses traditional Bengali folk with urban beats, creating a mesmerizing fusion that celebrates cultural diversity and sets the dance floor on fire with its vibrant energy.

Kala Chashma - 977 Million Views

This chartbuster blends Punjabi beats with a modern twist, propelled by Baadshah's dynamic rap and Katrina Kaif's sizzling dance moves, captivating audiences with its swag anmd style.

Abhi Party Shuru Hui Hai - 856 Million Views

Baadshah's upbeat track energizes with its infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics, making it a go-to anthem for partygoers everywhere, igniting the dance floor with its irresistible vibe.

Paani Paani - 814 Million Views

Baadshah's collaboration with Aastha Gill delivers a summer anthem with its catchy hook and addictive rhythm, offering a refreshing escape with its cool vibe and playful lyrics.

She Move It Like - 555 Million Views

Baadshah's smooth vocals and slick production make this track a sensation, blending hip-hop with Bollywood flair and showcasing his versatility as a performer and entertainer.

DJ Wale Babu - 483 Million Views

Baadshah's infectious beats and rap prowess shine in this party anthem, dominating playlists with its high-energy vibe and club-friendly groove, ensuring non-stop revelry omin the dance floor.

Kar Gayi Chull - 462 Million Views

Baadshah's collaboration with Neha Kakkar infuses a youthful energy into this peppy track, celebrating carefree youth and spontaneous fun with its catchy hook and infectious enthusiasm.

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