7 Most Viewed Artists on YouTube in 2023

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7. Taylor Swift - 2.11 Billion Views

Pop icon Taylor Swift remains a YouTube powerhouse with 2.11 billion views, showcasing her enduring popularity and the timeless appeal of her music.

6. The Weekend - 2.22 Billion Views

The Weeknd's soulful voice and cinematic music videos have garnered him 2.22 billion YouTube views, establishing him as a global R&B and pop sensation.

5. BTS - 2.39 Billion Views

K-pop megastars BTS continue their unparalleled success, accumulating a remarkable 2.39 billion YouTube views, a testament to their dedicated fanbase and groundbreaking music.

4. Shakira - 2.52 Billion Views

Iconic artist Shakira maintains her reign on YouTube with 2.52 billion views, as her timeless hits and mesmerizing dance moves continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

3. Bad Bunny - 2.88 Billion Views

Bad Bunny's boundary-pushing music and charismatic style shine on YouTube, garnering him 2.88 billion views and establishing him as a reggaeton phenomenon with global appeal.

2. Blackpink - 3.24 Billion Views

K-pop powerhouse Blackpink continues to captivate with visually stunning music videos, amassing an impressive 3.24 billion views and reaffirming their position as one of YouTube's most-watched acts.

1. Karol G - 3.78 Billion Views

Karol G's infectious reggaeton beats and vibrant persona have propelled her to 3.78 billion YouTube views, solidifying her status as a global sensation in the music industry.

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