7 Most Successful Movies of South Indian Cinema

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Manjummel Boys (2023) - Disney+ Hotstar

A delightful coming-of-age drama that follows the lives of a group of friends navigating the ups and downs of youth in a picturesque coastal town. The film received critical acclaim and became one of the most successful Malayalam films of all time.

Baahubali 1 and 2 (2015 and 2017) - Disney+ Hotstar

Set in the majestic kingdom of Mahishmati, this magnum opus follows the epic journey of a heroic prince as he battles treachery, rivalry, and destiny to reclaim his rightful throne, captivating audiences with its grandeur, mythology, and unparalleled scale.

Pushpa: The Rise (2021) - Prime Video

An action-packed saga that follows the journey of Pushpa Raj, a coolie who rises in the ranks of the red sandalwood smuggling industry. With Allu Arjun's powerful performance, dynamic storytelling, and gritty action sequences, the film stands out as a thrilling exploration.

KGF: Chapter 1 (2018) - Disney+ Hotstar

An epic tale set in the 1970s, chronicling the rise of Rocky, a young man determined to conquer the treacherous gold mines of Kolar. Yash's charismatic portrayal of Rocky, combined with stunning visuals and an intense narrative, makes this film a monumental piece in Indian cinema.

RRR (2022) - Netflix

A grand historical fiction drama directed by S.S. Rajamouli, featuring a fictionalized story of two legendary freedom fighters. With spectacular action sequences, a compelling plot, and stellar performances by Ram Charan and N.T. Rama Rao Jr. the film was a huge success.

Enthiran (2010) - N/A

A groundbreaking sci-fi film directed by S. Shankar, starring Rajinikanth as a scientist who creates an advanced humanoid robot named Chitti. The film dazzles with its innovative special effects, engaging storyline, and Rajinikanth's dual performances.

Kantara (2022) - Netflix

Set in the coastal regions of Karnataka, exploring the conflict between man and nature, as well as the cultural traditions of the local community. Stunning cinematography, intense storytelling, and Rishab Shetty's compelling performance make it a captivating cinematic experience.

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