7 Most Successful Movies of Kamal Haasan

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Nayakan (1987) - Prime Video

A landmark in Indian cinema, "Nayakan" portrays the life of a Tamil don in Mumbai, earning Kamal Haasan a National Film Award for Best Actor. Its realistic portrayal of crime and its emotional depth have made it a timeless classic.

Indian (1996) - aha

A vigilante film with a strong social message against corruption, "Indian" showcased Kamal Haasan in dual roles, earning him another National Film Award. The film's technical excellence and compelling narrative made it a massive hit.

Vikram (2022) - Disney+ Hotstar

A gripping action thriller, "Vikram" marked Kamal Haasan's return to the big screen, delivering a powerful performance that resonated with audiences. The film's success was bolstered by its stylish direction and intense storyline.

Anbe Sivam (2003) - Disney+ Hotstar

A unique road film that explores themes of compassion and humanism, "Anbe Sivam" is considered a cult classic. Kamal Haasan's performance, coupled with the film's philosophical undertones, made it a critical success and beloved by fans.

Gunaa (1991) - aha

A psychological romance, "Gunaa" features Kamal Haasan as a mentally unstable man obsessed with an imaginary lover. His intense performance and the film's unconventional storyline made it a critical and cult success.

Sadma (1983) - YouTube

A Hindi remake of "Moondram Pirai," "Sadma" saw Kamal Haasan reprise his role, bringing his emotive performance to a broader audience. The film is lauded for its tragic love story and Kamal's heart-wrenching portrayal.

Chachi 420 (1997) - YouTube

A remake of the Tamil film "Avvai Shanmughi," this comedy sees Kamal Haasan in the role of a man who disguises himself as a woman to be near his daughter. The film's humor and Kamal's brilliant performance in a dual role made it a commercial and critical success.

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