7 Most Disturbing Movies To Stream Online

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Oldboy (Korean, 2003) - Amazon Prime Video

This film features the iconic corridor fight scene which is just one of the many disturbing elements in the film that is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Ugly (Hindi, 2013) - Disney+ Hotstar

Anurag Kashyap's Ugly is known for its realistic filmmaking. Morally grey characters, unsettling situations and heavily graphic scenes make this film one of the darkest in Hindi cinema.

The Platform (Spanish, 2019) - Netflix

In this dystopic film, characters are put through heavy challenges in a prison. The film showcases humans at their worst with gruesome violence, cannibalism and other such disturbing behaviours.

Ajji (Hindi, 2017) on Amazon Prime Video

Devashish Makhija, known for his disturbing cinema, directed Ajji which is a dark take on the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood. The gruesome rape of her granddaughter triggers the central character Ajji to fight for justice, even resorting to violence.

Bhoothakaalam (Malayalam, 2022) - Sony LIV

This psychological horror film revolves around a mother and son grappling with the grief of the grandmother's death. The dark and depressing treatment of the film is sure to be a disturbing watch.

Requiem for a Dream (English, 2000) - Amazon Prime Video

The characters in this film, driven by their insecurities make some questionable decisions, which leads to their lives taking dark turns. It's filled with drug abuse and sexually graphic content that unsettles the viewer.

Paruthiveeran (Tamil, 2007) - MX Player

The film is essentially a love story but the climax scene of this film is one of the most gruesome rape scenes shot in South cinema, which makes the film hard to watch.

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