7 Massy Films of Mahesh Babu

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Athadu (2005)

This classic Trivikram Srinivas mass entertainer with class elements features Mahesh Babu as a dual-role vigilante. The film's thrilling twists and turns, coupled with Babu's energetic performance, made it a box office juggernaut.

Pokiri (2006)

This landmark film, also starring Ileana D'Cruz, redefined the Telugu action genre. The film's action sequences, catchy music, and Babu's swaggering performance made it a roaring success, earning him the nickname 'Pokiri Babu'.

Khaleja (2010)

Mahesh Babu trades his usual guns for a steering wheel in this action-drama with a touch of the supernatural. Babu's portrayal of the ordinary man thrust into extraordinary circumstances makes this Trivikram film a unique massy experience.

Dookudu (2011)

This iconic massy film directed by Srinu Vaitla sees the Prince of Telugu cinema as police officer who fights against corruption and injustice and was the highest grossing Telugu movie of 2011.

Businessman (2012)

Mahesh Babu dons the suit of a ruthless businessman in this action-comedy. The film's high-stakes business deals, witty dialogues, and Babu's charming performance make it a masala entertainer par excellence.

Aagadu (2014)

Srinu Vaitla's action flick features Mahesh Babu as a police officer tasked with taking down a notorious gangster (Sonu Sood). Babu's larger-than-life performance make it a pure masala treat for fans.

Maharshi (2019)

Vamshi Paidipally's poignant action drama is deemed as "mass with class" as Babu takes a break from his stereotypical hero roles to deliver a heartfelt performance as a CEO turned farmer in this tearjerker with mass appeal.

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