7 Loveable Men from Films

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Baby- The Baby Driver

An unconventional guy, we see Baby hard-jamming out to music when his accomplices are literally in between a massive robbery. Paired with his incredible driving skills, it's hard not to love him.

Russel- UP

From the moment he's on screen, he charms us all with his bubbly optimism and happiness, and is a perfect foil to the grumpy Carl.

Alfred- The Batman Trilogy

Bruce Wayne's butler turned guardian was always a likeable character, but Michael Caine brings a warmth to the character, one of a father figure that is also his friend and advisor.

Peter Parker- Captain America: The Civil War

Played by Hollywood sweetheart Tom Holland, his innocent character is someone we immediately sympathise with, plus he has an adorable father/son relationship with Tony Stark.

Dr. Emmet Brown- Back to the Future

The eccentric and wacky scientist feels like someone we'd want to befriend, and when the excitable Emmet meets death just minutes into the movie, it's hard not to be emotional.

Daniel- Mrs. Doubtfire

Played by the beloved Robin Williams, his relationship with his children paired with his own childlike characteristics make him a favourite that you root for through all his shenanigans.

Major William Cage- Edge of Tomorrow

Played by Tom Cruise, who is aging like wine, Cage is loveable mainly because he starts of as a cowardly underdog, which makes him rising to the occasion as a hero that much more satisfying.

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