7 Longest Single Take Movie Scenes

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Russian Ark (2002) 

This film by Alexander Sokurov is an experimental historical film about a French aristocrat from the 19th century, who travels through a Russian museum and meets historical figures from the last 200 years. It has a 96 minute unbroken shot. 

Boiling Point (2021) 

This film by Philip Baratini explores the relentless pressures of a restaurant kitchen, as a head chef navigates his team on the busiest day of the year. This was originally a short film that was later expanded to a 92 minute long take. 

Timecode (2000) 

This independent drama film directed by Mike Figgis is an experimental piece which splits the screen into fours continuously playing stories of 93 minute takes. It follows the story of two lovers and the workings of a Hollywood production company. 

Gravity (2013) 

This is a thriller science fiction film directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The story is about two people on a space mission who have to survive in space after they are hit by debris. The film consists of many interesting shots along with one 17 minute long take of an action sequence. The film won the Oscar for best cinematography as well.

Birdman (2014) 

This comedy thriller by Alejandro G Iñárritu is the story of a fading cinema star, who plans to resurrect his career with a passionate Broadway production. The edit gives the illusion of this being a one take film but it actually comprises a group of long single take shots of almost 15 minutes. 

Extraction (2020)

This action thriller directed by Sam Hargrave is about Tyler, a ruthless mercenary, who accepts the offer of rescuing an Indian crime lord's teenage son from Bangladesh. The film has an uncut action chase sequence of about 12 minutes. 

1917 (2019)

This war action film directed by Shawn Mendes is the story of two soldiers who are assigned the task of delivering a critical message to another battalion. The long takes consist of sequences where they risk their lives to prevent a deadly ambush. The film seems like a seamless take but has multiple action sequences of over 8 minutes. 

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