7 Life-Changing Movies to Stream Online

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Taste of Cherry (1997) - Prime Video

This is a deeply philosophical and heartrending film. The story is of a middle aged man who drives around to find someone that will bury him under a cherry tree after he commits suicide. The film pushes one to think of, and try to understand a few concepts we would usually reject. 

Lord of the Flies (1990) - Prime Video

The story is of a group of military cadets that crash-land on an island. Eventually, they have to form a hierarchy and set a system in place for survival. However, their differing ideals prompt them to split apart and descend into chaos.

Rashomon (1950) - Plex TV

This crime mystery directed by Akira Kurosawa is regarded as one of the classic examples of multiple perspective storytelling. The film explores various recounting of a certain incident of rape on a woman and the killing of the samurai husband.

Ship of Theseus (2012) - Apple TV

This independent drama film by Anand Gandhi is an interwoven story of a photographer, monk and a stockbroker. This story poses ethical, moral and philosophical questions about life, death and deeds. 

Court (2014) - Netflix

This legal drama follows the trial of an activist folk singer who is accused of being involved in a sewer worker’s suicide  through his politically and socially-charged songs. This film is an eye opener of the bigotry and haphazardness in our judicial system and seemingly progressive society. 

Nizhalkuthu (2002) - YouTube

It tells the story of Kaliyappan, the last hangman of Travancore who is disparaging of his remaining life by consuming alcohol and self-destructing. His remorse is born out of the moral conflicts within himself and his son regarding the act of his job.

C/o Kancharapalem (2018) - Netflix

This film directed by Venkatesh Maha is an anthology story of four stages. These four unusual stories signify different ideals and odds against which goodness and love emerge. From a schoolboy crush to a middle aged office romance, this story spans a lot of different perspectives and emotions.  

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